A Few Words About Drop-In Nation

Drop-In Nation provides our students with supportive, flexible opportunities for out-of-school youth. While the students prepare for their high school equivalency, we focus on personal development based around the six core components of Drop-In Nation Holistic Education.

Students at Drop-In Nation receive training in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Writing; in addition our students are introduced to complex literary theory and texts that are thoughtfully selected to reflect student interests.

Our students also participate in two weekly Yoga classes in our “Graffiti Room,” exciting volunteer activities, professional development opportunities and personalized career exploration days, internships and college visits.

At Drop-In Nation our students are given honest, positive and supportive feedback by adults. If you or someone you know is in need of high school equivalency test preparation (GED or other), please email dropinnation@gmail.com.

Why the Drop-In Nation Curriculum Works

Drop-In Nation blends contemporary pedagogical practices with sociological, environmental, psychological and literary theories applied in an accessible and practical manner.  Every aspect of Drop-In Nation has been classroom tested  – essentially best practice ideology with real exercises that empower educators and students.

As co-authors of Drop-In Nation, Susan Mendel-Hausman and Stacey Watson share a passion for improving educational access for youth and supporting the educators that serve them. The Drop-In Nation Curriculum was developed using best-practice strategy, real-time application and a unique framework of Holistic Education.

Drop-In Nation provides school systems, adult education programs and not-for-profit agencies with usable tools to improve school climates, inspire effective instruction and reach academic milestones with “at-risk” populations.

Since 2004, this holistic curriculum has proven success with in-school youth, out-of-school youth and adult learners.