Fillmore Avenue Project

With our collaborative partner Justice Lifeline we are working with Tri-Main Development on a building project on Fillmore Avenue. The new building, which is located in close proximity to the Tri-Main Center, will serve as a hub of community activity.  The Wolfe Family of Tri-Main Development have taken a definitive step in providing our youth a refuge through their generous donation of this property and investment in the Central Park / Fillmore and Main neighborhood.

Drop-In Nation and Justice Lifeline will be working with other area not-for-profits to create a space that not only provides educational, vocational and social guidance to out-of-school youth but also serves as an environment for smaller not-for-profits to reduce overhead and administrative functions through collaboration.  This allows for all of the important work being accomplished to continue while maintaining each organization’s autonomy and ensuring cost effectiveness.

Updates will be added frequently as this project moves forward, in the meantime if you or your company are interested in supporting our capital campaign, you may do so through our website! If you have in-kind donations of equipment or materials, please contact


Architectural work completed by Conway Architects