How to Help

Donating to Drop-In Nation Changes Lives!

So many wonderful people have been asking what they can do to support the youth of Drop-In Nation – our comprehensive program is a DIRECT service organization with minimal overhead – your support actually goes directly into our daily work with out-of-school youth! 50% of urban youth are dropping out yet 0% on the budget is spent making sure these talented but disconnected youth have the opportunity for a future.

Here are some ideas for how you can be involved:

1) Funding support: Drop-In Nation is a not-for-profit, low overhead and fiscally responsible organization with an active Board of Directors. Drop-In Nation works with private donors, grant makers, the Adult Education Division and corporations to successfully serve our youth and reconnect them to education. It takes between 3,000- 5,000 per student to get them to graduation and college /trade /job follow-up depending on the wrap-around services necessary –- to put this in perspective it takes nearly $200,000 a year to incarcerate 5 youth – – 88% of whom do not have a high school diploma or GED upon exiting the Juvenile Justice or Criminal Justice systems. – The same amount of funding can serve 50 youth at Drop-In Nation for a year resulting in a GED, job readiness and the ability to enter college or a training program.

2) Book donations

3) School Supply Donations

4) Food Donations

5) Personal Care Donations

6) Tattoo Removal


8) Furniture

9) Computers

10) Job Opportunities