Mission Statement

The mission of Drop In Nation is to assist out of school youth as well as unemployed and underemployed adults to obtain a high school equivalency diploma. We accomplish this by providing holistic education, which includes life skills, and career-training opportunities in a collaborative community based setting.


We believe all students are entitled to a quality education.

We believe our students learn best when:

  • They believe they can
  • They are not labeled
  • They have access to quality teaching, to learning opportunities and are empowered and engaged in the process
  • They are taught holistically and can bring their own assets to their learning

We also believe that our students learn best when:

  • The environment is healthy and psychologically safe
  • Mistakes are seen as a part of learning and not a punishment for failure
  • There is a positive tone that includes creativity, fun, humor and patience


  • We act with honesty and integrity. We follow ethical practices in all aspects of our work and avoid conflicts of interest.
  • We adhere to our mission statement.
  • We value and affirm diversity in its many forms and endeavor to include the perspectives, opinions and experiences of the broadest possible cross section of our community to guide our work.
  • We are thoughtful and purposeful and periodically review and evaluate our mission, beliefs, policies and practices.
  • We are accessible, communicate clearly and promptly, and build constructive relationships based on mutual respect, candor and confidentiality.
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